Animal Groomer – A Personally and Financially Rewarding Career Choice

A career as an animal groomer might be the right move to suit your needs if you love being around animals and get caring for them. It can be a very rewarding occupation along with the demand is obviously there. Over 70% of households inside the U.S. have at least one pet. Last year these dog owners spent almost $50 billion on their own four legged friends. Keeping a creature groomed costs the average family about $70 annually. So how much can you make just as one animal groomer? There are many factors which will affect what your earnings will probably be. Here are some things to consider. If you were to become a dog groomer for instance you’d typically charge $30 an up to groom a little dog. Larger dogs would cost their owners $75 or more for grooming. A typical groomer would work with five to six animals per day. Whether you would work with someone else or start your individual pet grooming business would also element in about how much you may anticipate to make.

If you imagine as an animal groomer is something you would like to can you are going to need some instruction and training. There are animal grooming schools that you can physically attend and there may also be online pet grooming schools which you could learn all that you should know. There are pros and cons to both so it will be wise to do some research to determine which course is best in your case.

A school which you physically attend will provide you with more hands on training you may have immediate feedback out of your instructors on how what you are doing. The animals you train with will likely be provided to suit your needs. On the downside these schools could be very expensive and so on average will set you back about $5000 to go to. You will have to go school and attend classes if they are provided which can be hard to do when you have a busy schedule.

Online pet grooming schools likewise have their very own groups of pros and cons. If attending one of these schools you have to be motivated. Most enable you to learn at your own pace and that means you will need being disciplined and perform studying on your own personal. You will have to provide your personal animals to work with although this can certainly be considered a plus in you could learn to find customers when you are in class. Of course the greatest benefit is the financial savings. You can receive a dog grooming certificate and finished the course for under $250 within 12 weeks.

Its great if you possibly could earn their living doing something you like. Animal grooming can certainly be a satisfying career choice. Taking care of animals can be described as a very rewarding experience both personally and financially and achieving an animal groomer is a thing you should consider.