Healthy Canine Ear Care is a Must to Prevent Infections – Here is What to Do


A previous grooming client asked “Who is proper? My friend says that this hair within my poodle dogs ears must be left inside and merely be scissor trimmed. I was told that this hair needs to be removed though it will grow again. Who is proper?”

I must disagree together with your friend. Apparently you have been properly advised, not your friend. Unfortunately your hair does grow back in approximately 6-8 weeks after extracting it. But if not removed, cerumen, (ear wax), will build up on the hair &prevent air circulation by plugging the canal and may even supply a breeding ground for ear mites and viruses. Healthy ear service is the most essential procedures supplied by every conscientious professional Groomer. This includes hair extraction and antiseptic swabbing to create clean. Every attempt should be made to keep the ear dry so that it won’t become inviting for bacteria or yeast to set up house keeping.

Note that not all dogs grow large volumes of hair inside the ear canal. Some show none in any respect. However Poodles breeds like you’ve got asked about, and cross breeds containing Poodle inside breeding will constantly will demand healthy ear maintained every 6 to 8 weeks at the very least.

Additionally, when bathing your dog it’s advocated that the ears be temporarily plugged with absorbent cotton. A slight smear of Vaseline about the cotton can help provide a water seal to help keep out water and shampoo. Thoroughly dry within each ear having a clean cloth as well as drying the pets body. Naturally, any fowl odor or visible signs of infection, dark gooey exudate, needs to be shown to your veterinarian.