Heartworm Medicine Without A Vet

Heartworms, no pet owner wants their pet to suffer from these nasty worms however it seems inescapable that your family pet will contract them at some stage in their life. You most likely understand that heartworms take place after a mosquito has bitten your pet so once that occurs you need to take action. You can treat your family pet with alternative medicines that will kill these worms and some really put the mosquito off biting your dog in the very first location.

Let’s start with an old favourite, Garlic. Yes, that basic herb can do more than flavour your food it can actually put the mosquito off biting. Mosquitoes simply do not like the smell of garlic and will stay well away from your canine.

Black Walnut is another treatment that is extremely effective in exterminating heartworms. It is quite simple to get from any natural organic food stores, simply give your pet about a teaspoon of the liquid two times a day for a week.

Next up is Black Seed, which is a popular tonic for the circulatory system, and it is an anti parasitic treatment.

These are just a few medications that you can use in the fight versus heartworm. It is similarly important to remember that a clean lawn is a should in order to prevent your pet dog from being re-infected from feces.

Another thing to keep in mind is that mosquitoes need warm still water in which to reproduce and you need to make certain that there are no pails or other rainwater containers lying around.

With these few basic natural home remedy, and by making certain that your yard is kept tidy, you can be sure that you are doing your absolute best for your canine good friend.