Pet Grooming 101

Thinking of being a pet groomer? Before you jump right in to utilizing the certification classes, there are several things you ought to know about your typical day inside the life of a dog groomer. You can do a lot of online research to read opinions, articles and blogs. These will allow you to decide since most of everything you read depends off real people’s opinions and suggestions. For now, though, itrrrs this that you can expect throughout a typical day being a dog groomer:

-answering phones. Just like any other salon, you will need to answer calls from people calling to perform research on your own salon, book appointments, and enquire about services available.

-take the animals stats including name, sex, breed, and basic track record. This is obviously the key part of understanding a creature. You will be needing to be sure that you can effectively take care of whatever animal they may be suggesting.

-discuss grooming requirements. This is much more of an appointment that will allow you to determine what kind of services the customer wants. Some people prefer simple cuts plus a bath while other clients will expect certain haircuts and blowouts for pet. You can usually obtain a feeling of the degree of maintenance a dog will need with the personality from the owner.

-grooming of the pet. This can include, but isn’t limited to bathing, cleaning ears, cutting coats, blow drying, combing, styling and accessorizing. You will have to clip claws, which can be something you should pay attention to. Animals have veins and nerves that run through their claws that have to get clipped at a length that wont affect these. If you hit them, it may cause plenty of pain.

-maintain equipment. If you don’t take care of your equipment and salon, you may be spending a lot more money than necessary replacing things. It is very easy to keep things clean with a simple nightly checklist. This will help help you stay organized making your closing duties use quickly.

-advertise. Seems like an easy enough concept. Online advertisements, word of mouth, business cards. All of these are simple enough to accumulate, some cheap, others free. Your business grows with proper advertising.

-supervise. You might find yourself inside the position to make employees’ schedules or delegate duties with employees. Be mindful don’t forget to treat others when you would also love to be treated.

These include the basic concepts that can get you through a creature groomer’s day. You will have lots of interaction with animals and much less interaction with humans. No matter who you’re managing, be proper, responsible and possess good etiquette.