Training Dog To Stay Out Of Kitchen

I decided it was time to get serious about keeping the canines out from underfoot while we were cooking, mostly due to the fact that the other half has actually been complaining about stepping over and around pet dogs. We reside in a really rural location, and pet trainers aren’t abundant, so I relied on the Internet for aid.

The On a Leash Method

STEP 1 Kitchen intro

Your kitchen is a room you will utilize a lot. When you first present your pet dog to your kitchen, place him on a leash so he remains in your control and doesn’t go into the space.

STEP 2 Walk to border

With your dog on the leash, stroll to the limit you ‘d like your pet to understand. If he steps over the unnoticeable border line, tighten the leash.

STEP 3 Reward

Give your puppy verbal praise and a reward. If you utilize a remote control, click and treat.

STEP 4 Name the area

You can obstruct off the kitchen while you are away and your canine is training to avoid. While home with your canine, use the word ‘kitchen area’ to specify the space. Utilize this word when you cross the limit and do not allow your canine to cross with you.

STEP 5 Practice

Walking to the boundary line while on the leash a number of times prior to allowing your dog to be off leash. Enjoy your dog carefully while he is not on his leash for redirection if he crosses the line.

STEP 6 Redirect

If your pet dog crosses the line, say ‘no kitchen’ and take him out. Reward him after a few minutes if he remains on the opposite side of the boundary line.

STEP 7 Consistency

Be constant about your guidelines in the kitchen. Continue to practice the rules with your pet, allowing him to approach the limit and satisfying him when he does not cross.